Learn to Belly Dance

Explore the Art of Middle Eastern Dance

Middle Eastern Dance is a beautiful, expressive art form in which a dancer’s body visually illustrates a piece of music.

Image-4514625-154761314-3-WebLarge_0_e24c2038a12da6ca1d3d7e4a52e908aa_1“Belly Dance” is really a misnomer! Middle Eastern Dance is truly a WHOLE BODY dance, just like Jazz and Ballet. “Belly Dance” is an excellent core workout, isolating and strengthening the muscles of the pelvis and torso. It’s also a fantastic low-impact aerobic/cardio activity that places less stress on joints than other fitness workouts that incorporate a lot of jumping. Middle Eastern dance can also improve posture, promote positive body awareness, and boost self esteem.

Learning Middle Eastern Dance is an opportunity to explore the music, history, and art of another culture!

Middle Eastern Dance is an art best learned through continued study. For that reason, walk-ins are not recommended for total beginners. No dance experience is necessary for this class. This class wil involve cardio excercise as well as strengthening/toning movement of the arms, legs, torso and more. As is the case with any new physical activity, please talk to your doctor to be sure that a dance class is safe for you.

Meet the TeacherLuna teaches Belly Dance Classes in Salisbury / Delmarva Area

Luna has been teaching small and large dance classes since 2010 and is a certified instructor of SharQui – The bellydance workout® . Learn more about Sharqui

As an instructor, Luna is attentive and detailed, breaking dance vocabulary into basic elements that even the newest dancer can grasp. She emphasizes building good dance habits, growing technique safely and gradually.

Her dance lessons frequently incorporate notes on stage dynamics, audience interaction, and other performance elements. Most important to Luna is that her students gain new understanding of the history of Middle Eastern Dance, the music that accompanies it, and the culture of its origin.

What do I wear to class? Do I have to show my belly?

Please wear comfortable sneakers or dance footwear; bare feet are acceptable as well. Work-out or yoga attire is ideal, and ladies please wear a supportive bra/sports bra. You do not have to show your belly, but please avoid loose or baggy clothes so that I will be able to see that you are doing the movements correctly and safely.