Meet Luna Scura

Luna Scura is an award winning performer and instructor of Middle Eastern dance located in the Salisbury/Wicomico area of Maryland. Luna performs a fusion of American Classic Belly Dance and Egyptian Raqs Sharqi. Audience members have described her as graceful and fluid, expressive and engaging, “subdued but richly emotive,” “connect[ing] to the audience through the eyes.” She is often told that she “lights up the stage” with her joy and love for dance.

Luna’s Story

Photo by StereoVision
Photo by StereoVision

Luna Scura considers herself a hybrid creative: a multi-genre artist exploring many forms of expression including fine art, graphic design, writing, costuming and dance. She began her love affair with Middle Eastern dance when seeking an alternative form of physical fitness, but she quickly fell in love with the music, culture and expressive nature of Middle Eastern Dance.

In 2007, Luna joined Arabian Lights Dance Company under the direction of Pat “Athena” Taaffe. As a member of ALDC, Luna performed across DelMarVa and beyond at nursing homes, haflas, town festivals and fundraising events. With Athena’s encouragement, Luna quickly began mentoring other students and teaching troupe choreographies. In 2009, Luna became President and Artistic Director of ALDC, organizing troupe events and developing chorography; She held that position until 2012 when she left the troupe to address an ongoing health issue.

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In 2013, Luna was diagnosed with endometriosis, a debilitating disease causing inflammation and damage of the pelvic and abdominal organs and, above all, severe chronic abdominal pain.  Luna continued her dance practice as she could, sometimes only minutes at a time in her living room with instructional DVDs. She credits her love of dance for keeping her body strong while fighting chronic pain. Her passion for Middle Eastern Dance allowed her to perform at the 2014 Dance for Life event with a softball sized mass in her abdomen, two days before major surgery to remove it. Luna spent much of 2015 recovering from abdominal surgery, rebuilding strength and technique. Determined not to lose the dance that had so enriched her life, she returned to regular study, began teaching again, and hired a personal trainer.

In 2016, to challenge herself to push forward in her dance career, Luna entered the East Coast Classic belly dance competition and was rewarded for her efforts with 1st Place in the Semi Pro Category.  The experience has only cemented her appreciation for Middle Eastern Dance, for its beauty, creativity, and ability to elevate the dancer and audience through music and movement.

Luna’s Influences

Luna dances with veil
Baby Dancer: Luna’s First Public Performance

Under the direction of Pat “Athena” Taaffe, Luna began performing at public events in her first year of training. She credits Athena with imparting upon her the importance of stage presence, audience connection, and grace under pressure.

Luna would like to credit Amany of Delaware, for her strong foundation in both Vintage American bellydance and Classical Egyptian Raqs Sharqi as well as her appreciation for noted noted Middle Eastern Dance artists like Mahmoud Reda and Souher Zaki. Through Amany, Luna developed an appreciation for solo improvisational dance, veil and assaya, as well as Tunisian, Saidi, and Nubian folkloric dance. With Amany’s blessing, Luna began her adventures as an instructor in 2011, offering beginner classes that allowed her to share her love of the dance with others.

Luna continued her studies between 2013 and 2015 under Kostana, exploring boht classical and modern stylings of Egyptian dance, as well as Turkish Orientale, Khaleeji and Saidi folk dance. During this time, Luna also expanded her dance horizons by studing improvisational Tribal Style belly dance with Roma of Nomadic Magic Tribal dance.

Luna would like to credit both Kostana and Roma with sparking her interest in yoga, a practice that has helped her recover from two abdominal surgeries and cope with long term chronic pain. While not related to Middle Eastern dance forms, the practice of Yoga has allowed Luna to continue dancing despite long term muscular dysfunction due to chronic illness.

Luna currently studies independently through written materials, dvd and online instruction, and workshops. She has enhanced her dance education through workshops with a variety of instructors, including Alexia, Azhia, Fahtiem, Habiba, Jasmin JahalKarolina LuxKatayounMorocco, NefertitiNina Amaya, OreetPiperRanya Renee,  Roma of Nomadic Magic Tribal Dance, Sarah SkinnerShahrzad, Sylvia Salamanca, Tava, Tempest and Viviana.

Community Involvement

2008 – 2009
Arabian Lights Dance Company

2009 – 2012
President & Artistic Director
Arabian Lights Dance Company

Shimmies for the Cure
Benefiting Breast Cancer Research Foundation

2013 – 2014
Dance for Life
Benefiting Relay for Life/American Cancer Society